Stay Awhile, Sojourners

How’s been your journey so far? I am talking about the journey of having a new baby, getting into a new school, a marriage, and life as a Global Mission Fellow, etc. Well, for now let me speak about mine.

Nine months ago, I started my journey as a Global Mission Fellow. Hopefully and God willing, in 12 months’ time I will be completing my assignment. As of now, I am still in that lag phase of a gradual adjustment period of my two year stay in my place of assignment.

I am already thinking about life after my assignment. It is because of the transient nature of my work that I am bound to think about moving on. I am thinking about this and that. In spite of all these sentiments, I am absolutely compelled to continuously apply myself to the fullest in this community.

That being said, I feel grateful to the CHAD program of GBGM in Cambodia for introducing the concept of transformational development to me. I am convinced that it is the most quintessential model for change. I have had the opportunity to move from one community to another. I have come to believe that in our brokenness as a people, we don’t know ourselves. We just live without a purpose or conviction. Over a long period of time we have lost our identity. There is need for fundamental changes in both the non-poor and the poor.

Many a time we think about development as a subject for the poor, the less privileged, the marginalized, etc. Seldom do we think about the non-poor and the egomaniacs and narcissists. The long and short of it is there is a story that God has been writing for his people to live justly, in peace and in harmonious relationships. He is the Alpha and Omega. And all our stories of bringing change to a physical, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing should converge with the story of God.

This understanding has led me to ask a lot of questions hence the need for me to continuously apply my whole being here. Sometimes when we meet community members to discuss development it is like we are hosting a women’s or old people’s fellowship. Thank God women are easily receptive to valuable discussions that help bring change to their families and communities. It would be encouraging as drivers of change to allow inclusivity and participation of all parties in development issues.

There is a voice telling me to stay a while and it is saying all my questions will be answered. Just like the number of my days which are a mere handbreadth in the eyes of God, so are my days as a Global Mission Fellow. I hope and wish I am writing the correct story of peace, reconciliation, and love in this community. God, forgive me for my shortcomings.

For further reading, please refer to Psalms 39 and 1 Peter 2:11.

Stay awhile, sojourners!

Edmund Melusi Makowa

Edmund Melusi Makowa

GMF International, Class of 2016-2018

Community Health and Agricultural Development program (CHAD)





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