Sticky Note Reflections

I recently participated in the 2016-2018 GMF US-2 Mid-terms. I appreciated the chance to come together with my cohort to reflect on the last 10 months and discuss our plans for the next 15 months. During our time together, I realized just how big of an impact the Global Mission Fellow program has had on my life. I spent the last 10 months learning, experiencing, and growing. I was again reminded of the blessings that have come with this program and with my placement site. I left feeling refreshed and grateful.

On our last day together we did an activity which really meant a lot to me. We wrote down, on four sticky notes, something we learned, something we would keep in our heart, something we would take with us, and something we wanted to trash.

I wrote on the first sticky note that I had learned that mindsets can change. I have learned in the last 10 months that the feelings I had when I went into this program are not necessarily the feelings I have now.

On the second sticky note I put that I would keep in my heart the friendships that had blossomed during the mid-terms experience. It was so good to reconnect with people in my cohort, and it was made better by the fact that I feel like after these last 10 months I am more myself than I have ever been before.

I wrote on the third sticky note that I would take with me the reminder to speak truth to power. I will remind myself, as much as I need to, the importance of speaking up and speaking truth.

On the fourth sticky note I wrote that I would throw away whatever white fragility I have left. I realized during my time in the program that change happens when I am honest with myself; and, I must remember that white fragility does not help me move forward.

I hope to spend these next 15 month continuing to learn, experience, and grow. I already know that this program has changed my life, and for that I am appreciative. I thank my cohort, my roommates, my placement site, this program, my family and friends, and myself for the support and encouragement to embrace this experience. I look at my life in this moment with gratitude and love in my heart. I look towards the future with anticipation and hope.

Stephanie Quammen

GMF US-2, Class of 2016-2018

Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church

Washington DC



One comment

  1. STeph! I am so grateful to be a witness of your transformation and evolution! I cannot wait to measure and appreciate the differences with you in 15 more months! You’re such an inspiration!


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