…and if there was LIFE in the cemetery?

Cemeteries are known to be a place for the dead. This is common knowledge; however, I recently discovered that there can be life in a cemetery. Surprisingly, some lives were born there and some grew up there. What happened? How did those lives end up being in such places? Well, my interest was not based on how or what sent these lives to the cemetery, but instead, what came into my mind was, what can we do to bring theses lives out of the cemetery? Knowing the root cause of a problem is important but sometimes the emergency of the situation might place the solution to the problem as the first priority rather than the study of the root cause. In most cases, the study of the problem delays the resolution. The life that I am talking about here is human life.

God’s grace has taken me through a few countries around the world in which I have had the chance to live in some of the poorest neighborhoods, but I have never come across a situation where people live in a cemetery. I have seen people living in the street such as in Johannesburg (South Africa), where most are migrants. I have seen people living in an open market such as in Lubumbashi (DR Congo), where most were street kids. I have seen people sleeping in cars such as in Mutare (Zimbabwe) and so on, but I could never imagine that families could live in a cemetery like I have seen in the Philippines. I don’t want to sound unaware here because it doesn’t always mean that life is better out of the cemetery. When I walk around the city, I realize that people in the cemetery can somehow be better off than those who are living in the city. However, I support organizations and the ideas of people who want to give an opportunity to those living in the cemetery for a better condition of life. This has remained one of my main motivations to engage with my organization and I am looking forward to joining other organizations in the country with similar objectives.

On the other hand, this has encouraged my faith and trust in God. While in Africa, cemeteries are places which are scary because of the spirit of dead people, but here in the Philippines, they don’t care. I end up concluding that our almighty God is the greatest and the most powerful. In conclusion, when you find life in a cemetery, you protect it, you sustain it, and you bring it out of the cemetery to life.

Bellarmee Milosibellarmee-milosi
Kapatiran-Kaunlaran Foundation Inc.
GMF International, Class of 2016-2018

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