Are you paying attention?

Are you paying attention?

Globalization, artificial intelligence, potential life in space for human beings, refugees.

Poverty, climate change, narcissism, bombings in Aleppo and Mosul, racism etc.

How does that sound? Awesome, sensationalizing, or frightening?

Have you read or listened to some of these global concerning issues on the internet or television? If the answer is yes, which one of these caught your attention? Maybe it doesn’t concern you, right?

If you may, please pay attention to what is becoming of our global village. It is my hope that through knowledge and understanding you and I can make a personal decision to help improve our world. When you pay attention, try to understand where somebody is coming from, then you can judge later based on facts and reality.

Climate Change

There is a debate going on about whether climate change is just a political gimmick or it is real science. Somebody said to me this other day, “Climate change is a big word that politicians use, is it something real?” I was listening to the conversation but I did not respond to it. Sometimes what we need to do is just to pay attention. Just take those 40 minutes and watch that programme about the Great Green Wall of the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative. Try to listen to what they are saying about the Antarctica or the Great Barrier Reef. A visit to South East Asia and Southern Africa will do you justice. We need to go into the communities and listen to people’s stories and we will believe the repercussions of climate change. Let us dare to care and stop being ignorant. It is no longer the time to be unaware. It is also good to be wide read.

Artificial intelligence

“People will talk to robots, there will be no more human cashiers, and we will have driverless buses and cars.”

Come on people! How about that organic smile behind the counter? How about creating employment? We need to pay attention now because with these trends we are heading into a time where that human touch or feeling will almost cease to exist. It is very good for us to cry together, to laugh with each other, to hug one another. You never know how that makes us a family. Life doesn’t need to be extensively programmed. It is in its spontaneity that we find it amazing. So I pose these questions to you. Are you paying attention? Are you listening?


Why do we rant and make all those hate speeches against each other? Isn’t it like trying to run away from your own shadow? People of different colors will remain on this earth until the end of time. No color is going extinct. No planet is going to emerge which will be black or white only. So we better pay attention, accommodate, and love each other.


Is it boring now? Is the word poverty becoming monotonous? Maybe what you need to do is to listen to those victims of hunger, those people experiencing homelessness. If you care to love, pay a visit to the rest of the world through your mind, your ears, your eyes, your mouth, and your touch. All you need to do is pay attention with care and with interest.

I could talk about a lot of things but I am sure you can fill up that never ending list. Pay attention to those things. It can also help you in your decision making and personal life.

A beautiful life will begin when we pay attention to each other.


Edmund Makowaedmund-makowa

Community Health and Agricultural Development program (CHAD)


GMF International, Class of 2016-2018




  1. Edmund, this article was simple. yet very profound and amazing! I love to hear your point of views, I love to hear that you listen more than you speak, I love to hear that you are a lover of peace. I look forward to reading more from you! I pray that you continue loving people unrelentingly! May God bless your ministry in Cambodia!

    Liked by 1 person

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