The Next Move

I have read so many blogs from graduating Global Mission Fellows (GMFs) about their two years of experience in mission. Each post had so many descriptions about mission like, “mission is crazy,” “mission is fun,” and “mission is exciting!” However, the most resounding phrase, and what seems to be fear and sadness about their exit from their two years of the GMF Program, has always been “What’s next?” No doubt, members of the GMF 2015-2017 class will agree with me that our class is gently tick-tacking towards the end, and perhaps we need to start asking our own “What’s next” question, too!

No matter why and how we were called into the GMF program, we all have been called into a particular time and season for God to accomplish and to perform certain purposes in our lives or in the world through us. Our experiences depict God’s purpose for our lives in our season as GMFellows; building up our internal structures, bringing order in our lives, preparing and building our capacities for service for the next “Time and Season.” For me, surely, mission is PRUNING (John 15:1-4; Romans 5:3-5)!!!

God will always lead us to our next Season and Time. As we walk in His path, the blue prints of His plans and purposes for our lives, we align ourselves, our emotions, and our mentalities to His will and purpose for our lives. He will always lead us to our next Season and Time. Because God is still speaking to us today, He might show us “what’s next?” through His word, inspiration, discernment, and perhaps even dream and vision, when we look around ourselves and see what is happening in the world and listen, so that we can hear what He is saying (Numbers 9: 18-23).

What are we seeing on the earth? Climate change that is causing rising sea levels, drought and hot seasons, flooding, violence, crisis in diverse forms, economic collapse, the increase in nuclear proliferation by world powers, increase in military war drills by superpowers, the rise of immorality and attacks on the Christian faith, increase in threats of warfare retaliation, the increase in terrorism, complete destruction of the sovereignty of nations, and a massive preparation for what many fear to be World War III. In fact the Christian faith also expects wars, destruction, and many crises as it awaits the end of time.

I am discerning in my spirit that God is about to shake the world, to overthrow and bring down every form of ungodly imagination and system trying to prevail against the will and order of God for the human race!

Imagine the entire world at war, a situation in which there might be no transportation via the air nor the sea; communications cut off; all social media shut down! Perhaps no television broadcasts.

China, according to analysts from Caixin Magazine Online, is increasing its food security by building the world’s largest stockpiles of grains reserves (300 million tons), sugar reserves (7.96 million tons, 2015), and cotton reserves (11.3 million tons, 60% of the global cotton reserves). The Chinese government, which is one of the major stakeholders in all of the world’s affairs, has just built a 1,320-ton statue of the Chinese god of war while continuing to build up and militarize artificial islands in the south China sea. That is sparking global tensions and, if not negotiated consciously, might lead up to the break of World War III.

When I view the geo-militaristic landscape of world powers on the earth, Africa could be the safest but most vulnerable continent.

One of the most suicidal things that any young person of this generation can do to his/her life is to plan his/her future goals without the will and purpose of God and without considering the variables and circumstances of the current world trend.

As I view and get to understand what is happening in the world and in my country Liberia, I have to discern what God wants my next move to be in the “Time and Season” of my life after the GMF program. Amid all these alarming circumstances and crises and tensions on the global landscape, my country Liberia, like all other countries on the African continent, is hanging on a broken stick!

Liberia consumes almost everything she has! From the chicken feet to the very stable food, rice! Despite the abundance of water in Liberia, Liberia should still put some aside! Not a single country on the African continent is working on building a stockpile of their stable food for reserve for at least an emergency plan! Kofi Anan, former UN secretary general, stated a stunning statistic on his Facebook page: Africa spent 35 billion a year on food inputs, and he was wishing farmers in West Africa with the vast rich climatic weather and soil could just own half of that amount!

When we pictured the aforementioned nightmarish scenario, we can clearly see Africa as the safest place to be but that it is very vulnerable to a devastating nightmarish starvation! No superpower will want to unleash its “some billion dollar” nuclear weapon on a non-nuclear continent when its adversaries have many pointed to it. Imagine when we are cut off completely from our foreign markets from which we input these 35 billion foods every year, who or where will we run to?

Through my personal prayers asking and seeking God for his divine instruction for my life in this next “Time and Season” for my life, I can clearly say with confident that God wants me to go back home and lead a revolution in the Agricultural sector of Liberia, to feed and save the future!


Because this call and warning cannot be achieved in a country by one man or family, it is also a call to raise the consciousness among young people to develop a generation epicenter of young people with the same vision to invest their times and energies to galvanize the vast and wasted natural resources that God has bless this continent and countries with, to focus on redeeming the time of this generation to save and feed the future of Liberia and Africa, rather than risking our lives to be drown in the Mediterranean sea to seek greener pasture in Europe and the west when the very European and westerners are coming to hustle for fortune on our continent that we are running away from (what an ironic!!).

When we Global Mission Fellows are tuned to the accuracy of God’s frequency in our lives-understanding his purpose of shafting and shaping our lives to do his work on the earth, we will clearly rejoice with consciousness what we know to do next, preparing ourselves by developing profiles, acquiring ideas and knowledge, networking with the right people that could support our vision and return home hitting the ground running after our end of service rather than returning with the question “What next?” For God indeed has his plan for us before we were born, all we need to do is to access God’s blue print for our lives in the realm and transcend it in the physical(Jeremiah 29:11)

This world, full of crisis, is ripe for God’s harvest! And in our respective homes or countries, God is willing to assign us as his watchmen over some broken walls that need to be rebuilt or to watch over. The wall in your country that God is preparing you to go and watch over could be the Education sector, the Agriculture sector, Government (Against corruption or Human Rights), the Economy, the Church, Vulnerable children, women and many more…. For indeed the Harvest is ripe, Lets us pray to the Lord of the harvest to assign us over specifics walls and tell us what next!! (Isaiah 62:6-12; Matthew 9:37-38).

Jonathan Rose II.edit


Jonathan Rose

Simukai Child Protection Program

Mutare, Zimbabwe

GMF International, Class 2015-2017



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