Mission Giving Care to Caregivers in Hong Kong



Laura Nunez2

Hong Kong has a significant amount of migrants in search of a better quality of life, job opportunities, and money to live on and to send to their families abroad. (Many families  rely on this money to survive.) Most are women from Indonesia and the Philippines, domestic workers who have experienced diverse Human Rights abuses, which include: physical assault, sexual harassment, underpayments, insufficient food, verbal abuse, and no access to insurance.

In response to these abuses, the Mission For Migrant Workers has launched an initiative called “Give Care to Our Caregivers” to provide free services to domestic helpers living in Hong Kong, a way to extend and show the love, mercy and grace of God to the most needy in society (Matthew 25:31-40). These services include: mobile counseling, providing information and legal assistance, financial health checks, blood pressure checks, blood glucose tests, Chinese Medicine, massages, and many others. Through the partnership with local service providers, volunteers, interns, and sponsors, the MFMW staff is able to work for the wellness and health of these migrants that do not have financial resources or access to insurance and basic human rights.

Laura Nunez3

The MFMW believes that migrant workers are integral to HK society, and thus, they deserve care, respect, and the protection of their rights. For that reason we shall endeavor to provide comprehensive services to migrants in distress, empower their communities, promote harmony in households, and work for a more multicultural and inclusive society. Without these, marginalization and exclusion in Hong Kong will persist.

As a Global Mission Fellow International, I am so grateful to God to be part of his mission and to engage these migrants and the local community in the search for equality, peace, and good relations between all.


Laura Nunez Olaciregui.edit

Laura Nuñez Olaciregui

GMF International, Class of 2015-2017

Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW)

Hong Kong, SAR, P.R. of China



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