Greater Things

Some of my favorite scripture is found towards the end of John’s gospel. After Jesus washes the disciple’s feet, but before the crucifixion, Jesus shares so many wise words with his friends. Much of what he shares at the time the disciples do not understand but they will later realize the importance of what he is saying. In John 14:12 it says, “I tell you the truth, whoever has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater because I am going to the Father.”  Jesus tells his followers that if they have faith in Him that they will be able to accomplish even more than Jesus did. Greater things are yet to come.

In just over two months my time as a Global Mission Fellow will be complete and while I am discerning where God is calling me to, unsure if that is to continue in Detroit or move back east closer to home, either way my role either at NOAH or elsewhere will look very different than it does now. Either way I will begin to transition very soon.

At training to become a GMF we talked a lot about how God is already present at our placement sites and we simply have the privilege of joining in the work that has already begun. Well, the same is true for transitioning out of our time as GMFs. Whether we like it or not, God will continue to work, long after we leave. The work that we have had the privilege of doing will continue, the world will continue to spin.

While the work we have done and  the relationships we have built are important, they are not dependent on us, but on our awesome Creator who has called us to this place. And what a relief that is! While God has called and used us in these two years, God will continue the work that has begun, long after we are gone.

As I continue to discern where God is leading, thinking about transitioning from NOAH as a possibility is difficult. Thinking about saying goodbye to client’s who I have journeyed with, and who have shaped who I am, is difficult. But I know that no matter where God leads, God will be present.

The same God who called me to Detroit will lead me in these next steps, and God will be where I am going and where I have been. God is the one doing the transformation, not me, and so it will all be ok. And even better than ok, it will be greater. Because greater things are yet to come.

Chelsea SpyresSpyres_Chelsea

NOAH Project – Detroit, MI

US-2, Class 2014


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