Almost 7 Months

It seems like I was just arriving to my place of assignment yesterday, but I arrived here 6 months ago today.

Being away from my home, my family, and my friends has been challenging for me. But each day I know even more that I’m in the right place, that I’m pursuing my purpose with God’s work.

While working with AMC, I have learned a lot of new ways to help to improve the lives of those who need it most. Right now, just a few days after Holy Week, I am reflecting on what I’m doing here and what path I should take. The past few months have been difficult, as I have been dealing with adjusting to another country and a different culture. The migration process is the most difficult thing that I am dealing with. But I thank the Lord that this process is almost finished and that I can be a part of a wonderful organization that focuses on helping those who need it most. In the really rural areas of Nicaragua there is a great need.

Sometimes we feel like everything is working against us, especially when we are doing God’s work. We need to learn how to be patient and faithful, no matter what the situation is. I have the blessing of my new family at AMC. I have the support of many people here who always give me advice, who heal me on days of sadness, and who act as my counselors. I see them as angels, angels that the Lord sent me to let me know that I am doing good.

I can tell you that I cannot be more grateful for these two years of mission service. I’m blessed to be working with Acción Médica Cristiana. I’m blessed to be chosen to do God’s work. I’m blessed to be Engaging, Connecting, and Growing during these two years.

I encourage you to be blessed, to be part of something bigger, to use the tools of the Lord, and to work to fix this world.

I encourage you to be a Global Mission Fellow.

Edwin Castillo.edit.jpg


Edwin Castillo

Acción Médica Cristiana, Nicaragua

GMF International, Class 2015



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