Promoters of Life


Warm greetings from Brazil in Jesus’s name.

Before engaging into missionary work, the only thing I knew about being a missionary was preaching directly the word of God to people. When I found out that I was sent to Brazil to work at Shade and Fresh Water project, “Projeto Sombra e Agua Fresca,” as a social educator, I didn’t really understand what my responsibility would be. I wasn’t sure of how I could impact or bring a change in people’s lives.

When I arrived in the project, I met wonderful children full of love, joy and energy. The project has activities for children such as arts, music, sports, Christian education, and dance. In my missionary mind, I thought I would teach kids Christian education, but because there was already someone to teach them that and because of the language barrier, I couldn’t. I decided to teach them Basic English, as there were no English activities. English is my 3rd language and it was not easy to teach. I realized at that moment that I was promoting life and future for children through teaching them a new international language and I understood that was how God wanted me to impact their lives.

We are promoters of lives when we use our gifts, capacities and services to help those in need. Whenever we pray, serve, teach, advocate, smile, cry, listen to, clean, and play with those in need, we have to know that we are promoting life for them, meaning that we contribute to their lives. It doesn’t matter if we see the impact or not.

I want to encourage all of us (GMFs and beyond) to keep being “Promoters of Life” in communities where we are serving. One thing is for sure – our reward will be great. Therefore, for us to keep promoting life, we need to remain connected to the source that is Jesus Christ our master, as said in John15:4-6.

Be blessed.

Pauline ShongoShongo_Pauline

Projeto Sombra e Agua fresca, Brazil

GMF International, Class 2014


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