The Gifts and Grace of God in Action

I’m serving at HELP which is an emergency house that provides a temporary shelter to women and their children victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in need of both special attention and a safer place to stay. Some of these women have lost hope or do not have a family friend to lean on. During my first year of mission work I had one question that I was asking myself: what was my contribution to the organization and the impact I was making in the lives of these women and their children? Keep in mind that workers at HELP are well trained, have degrees in social work or counseling, and are experienced for this particular work whilst I did not know the language nor did I have enough experience or background needed for this kind of work. I had to face this reality every single day and this made me feel a little bit unqualified.

However, in the midst of this situation I came to realize that God’s grace is sufficient and He works within and with us to fulfill His plan even when we feel not qualify for the work we’re doing. God through His grace has equipped me, who once felt unqualified; He has made His power perfect in my weakness as all I needed was to avail myself and put the gifts and grace that He has given me into action and develop the unique things that makes me who I am in my service. Now I am enjoying my work and every single moment I spend with the residents using my gifts and grace by availing my ear to listen, giving them a word of encouragement, engaging in conversation, or other times just being a family or a friend to them. The words I shared and the time spent with the residents, God has been using them as sunshine and rain among many to restore back hope and joy in their lives. This has made me understand that mission is about being who you are and serving with what you have. Availing your gifts and grace in service to the benefit of others for the Glory of God who is the giver of all gifts and grace.

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10( NIV)


Heureuse Kaj

Kyofukai Japan Christian Women Organization/ HELP, Toyko

GMF International, Class 2014



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