A Year of Covenant and Testimony

Happy New Year to all of us and a warm welcome to 2016!

Make this year “a year of covenant with Your God,” make it a win-win situation and evaluate each day of your life for this New Year.

The Ubuntu spirit of leadership states: “I am because we are.”

I promise myself to share my thoughts loudly and to not be shy or afraid but to be mindful on how I would say it. I promise to share what I feel, to shout it out loud and to scream out what hurts me so I can free myself and get advice from others. I will occupy my time with realizing my dreams. I will concentrate on what is important and learn from my mistakes by improving my ways and making the best out of everything I have.

The storm of life comes to everyone and faith doesn’t exempt us from its difficulties but rather keeps us growing stronger. God will not allow a storm unless He has a divine purpose for it.

Culture is being violated because of some greedy people who think about themselves and forget about others; I have noticed that most people are trying to change things in a good way but always end up where they started because someone reminded them of who they were and not who they are or have become. They say it is our culture, just because they do not want to see others move out of where they are stuck.

We have been in situations, we have experienced struggle and pain that could have killed us but here we are, still strong and moving forward, achieving our goals every day, learning that whatever that does not kills us makes us strong and wiser than before and this gives us hope and assures us that there are good days ahead and we should persevere in faith. We must know that there will always be people who want to see us fall, but let us fight back with prayer as our main instrument of war and act accordingly with what we believe is right and just for all.

The Book of Ecclesiastes 4:9 says, “Two are better off than one, because together they can work more effectively.” Let be less distracted on the “me” and focus more on the “we” because in “we” there is hope, togetherness and motivation on achievement.


Otshi Rose Ombaku

The Center of Hope

Mozambique, Africa




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