gallery Christmas Around Our World

Merry Christmas from the Global Mission Fellows!

Here is what we are experiencing and celebrating around the world!


The community center is where the magic happens at NOAH. It is where clients are welcomed and receive a lunch. It is where music is played on the piano, and haircuts happen free of charge. It is where clients wait to see a caseworker and relationships are built around the table. It is where meals are shared and, during the holiday season, where decorating is a community event. -Chelsea Spyres serves at the NOAH Project in Detroit, MI.


“La Posada” is a traditional Christmas celebration in Mexico! A key component of the celebration is a Piñata! Here is a picture from the celebration we had at the migrant shelter. -Celeste Caton serves in Tijuana, Mexico.
This is my wife and I celebrating Christmas at Northcott Neighborhood House, an inner-city agency in Milwaukee, WI.  Bob Johnson, director for children’s programming, played Santa as we gave out toys that we had collected for children in the neighborhood.  The evening included gift-giving, games and activities for kids, a sing-along, meal giveaway for parents, and snacks for families.  50 kids were in attendance. -Tyler and Sarah Smoot serve in WI. 

12398900_1686710678241598_485046359_nChristmas program with children from a fishing community. -Caroline Mutsago serves at Harrison College in the Philippines. 


This family, who invited us to their 2014 Christmas party, always celebrates Christmas with the whole family in the village, so we all went to a village called “Zavura” for the celebration.-Oshti Rose Ombaku serves at the Center of Hope in Mozambique. 


Hiking has been an important time for me to talk and listen to God throughout my missionary experience. Life can get pretty hectic and chaotic as a US-2, particularly in the buildup to Christmas, so it’s been important for me to take some time for me, and hiking is my favorite way to do that–no matter what the season!

-Connor Kenaston serves as a racial justice advocate in Columbia/Ferguson, MO.



In the meantime, Erin is hiking in the tropics! 🙂 Christmas break hike to Concord Waterfall. -Erin Hancock is serving at Grencoda in Grenada. 



“Simbang gabii” is filipino phrase that literally translates to “evening church.” It’s a Filipino tradition to attend evening church services nine days before Christmas. Christmas messages are shared during the services as well as Christmas carols. -Charli Chitambo serves at Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits (EcoWEB) in the Philippines

While Christmas isn’t widely celebrated in China, being an English teacher gives an opportunity to celebrate Christmas in class, share the Nativity story, and invite students to my home to bake sweet treats. –Maria Niechwiadowicz serves as an English teacher in Ningxia Province. 


Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.  You are all awesome and blessed in the eyes of GOD. The following picture was taken during my Cebuano language graduation day on December 11, 2015. -Christopher Hamera is serving in the Philippines at In Peace.



The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas on January 7, the day that the wise men showed up! -Kendra Twenter serves with the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy in Russia.

What a great reminder to celebrate past the New Year and beyond!

We hope that this Christmas season brings you a spirit of love and peace no matter how far away from home or what community you are in.



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