Community is who we are

Community is who we are, where and with whom we live and collaborate.

My placement site is my community because I live within that community, I work together with the people here and together we pray and share ideas for the benefit of our community.

Untitled1P.C. by Bibi Rose Otshi Ombaku

The dream is “Alive.”

Many of us dream of having, becoming, and doing things in our lives for our own interest and the interest of our loved ones, but if you do not stand up on your feet and try the best you can to make things happen just as you dream they would be then nothing will ever happen.


P.C. Rose Otshi Ombaku, 2011

“Dream Is Alive” at Africa University Mutare/Zimbabwe

Africa University taught me something I will never forget; your life belongs to you and what you wish to do with it depends on yourself and not somebody else. To find yourself, you need to get into something or someone that drives you to attend your goal, get along with that thing or that person in trying to find yourself then get out of that thing or that person and become who you want to be. Along this process, the experience might certainly weaken you or make you lose faith in what so ever you might be doing but “hope” will surely drive you into moving on and on in in reaching your goal.

I have this little story I would like to share, of course it is a funny but powerful message. As my Dad was coming out of the house, he saw my little sister’s hand fixed towards me asking for some nuts but I said no to her, then Dad approached me, squeezed my right ear and asked me this question, “Rose, why did God gave you these ears?” And me not thinking straight because of the pain from my ear, replied, those ears are for me to share the nuts with my little sister, and everyone just laughed at me. Then Dad softly said to me that those ears are for you to listen to what God is telling you through the people who surround you, from that moment I tried to always pay attention to what people say, and with what I know, I act wisely to the benefit of all.

It is not always easy, but sometimes success comes with great suffering but the outcome of it always brings surprises.

We always forget about what we have right now and focus on what we will have in the future forgetting that time is moving, days are passing as years too, and so be glad with what you have now because this is the future you have been dreaming of since you were a child instead of still saying that in the future I will do this, in the future I will have this and become this etc., two years or five years or ten years is a long time from your past to now, and do you not think that that this is the future already as you are no longer a child. “When is your future going to come?” is the question I leave with us all to answer ourselves and act right now.

After a one year of service at my place of assignment, I feel proud of myself for the great impact of my knowledge I shared at my placement site and to all the new things I have learned and the experience I gained, so thankful that my dream is “Alive.”

Always remember this “Chinese” proverb that says:

I hear…I forget

I see…I remember

I do…I understand

Otshi Rose OmbakuOmbaku_Rose

The Hope Project, Mozambique

GMF-International, Class 2014



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