Two Months Later

It seems like yesterday that I arrived in Nicaragua, and now I’m completing the first two months of this exciting journey as a Global Mission Fellow. I cannot be more than grateful to God for this opportunity to give two years of my life to the mission of Christ.

I have been placed with Christian Medical Action (AMC); an ecumenical, Nicaraguan, Christian organization, whose work emphasizes health, women, and children. AMC serves in the most rural areas of Nicaragua to provide medical care, health and sexual education, food security, and training for community leaders to help their communities.

Within two months I have been able to learn and grow more in different aspects. Also I have been able to work directly in the various communities. My First trip was to Matagalpa with students from Dordt College, where we visited another AMC project called Land Banks. Land Bank is a project in which AMC helps communities to buy land in order to get access to grow their own crops for eating and selling.

Here we were with the AMC Matagalpa staff in a coffee plantation in Nueva Jerusalen Land Bank, where we helped the community plant coffee.


My second Trip was to Prinzapolka River, AMC´s field staff office, which is located in the north Caribbean autonomous coast of Nicaragua. Here, I worked with a registered dietician from the United States who supports a Project in health education.

In this photo, Mrs. Dixie Havlack (US dietician), was teaching children how our body works and what we should eat to stay healthy.


My 3rd trip was a return to Matagalpa, this time working with a local Dental team called The Smiles for Everyone Foundation. I had the opportunity to assist a dentist – a new experience for me. I learned names of complicated instruments and procedures but really enjoyed every second!


These opportunities have been wonderful and powerful, providing ways for me to engage fully with the Nicaraguan community. I’m exited for the upcoming months with AMC and how God will use me.

In AMC I found a new family. I have the blessing of being surrounded with the most loving, caring, and supportive brothers and sisters. They make me feel at home. I guess I don’t miss my family too much.

May God´s Grace be with you!!

Your Brother in Christ,

Edwin Alexander CastilloEdwin Castillo.edit

Accion Medica Cristiana, Nicaragua

GMF International, Class 2015

Advance #3022094




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