My Journey to the Service of God

I am from a family of four brothers, two Sisters and extended relatives. I started my primary education at the Nengbein United Methodist Elementary School and later transferred to the Ganta United Methodist School in 1998 where I became a Christian. My family migrated to Monrovia in 2004 in pursuit of better life opportunities.

While we were in Monrovia, our mother, Mrs. Martha Sann, was the bread-winner of the family, but her income could not provide all the basic needs of the family. This caused a one year delay in the completion of my high school studies after the previous two years delay which prevented me from writing. The cause of this prevention is yet to be known. With the divine help of God through other people who took the bold steps to work with God, the cause of the prevention was laid to rest.

Due to the scarcity of jobs in Liberia for people attending school and my desire to complete high school, I started working with a private security firm as a guide man in 2004. I used my few earnings from the security firm and enrolled at the William V. S. Tubman High School (one of the Public schools in Liberia). I went to school at 7am and returned at 3pm and left for work at 6pm daily. This means that I only had three (3) hours a day for complete body rest.

After I graduated from high school, I was unable to attend university because my earning from the private security firm could only provide for us. Due to financial constrain, our mother moved back to our home town in 2007.

In November 2011, Mrs. Sann, our mother, felt ill shortly after our grand-mother who was sick at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital was pronounced dead. Our mother was immediately taken to the same hospital where she was also pronounced dead three days after, while the body of our grand-mother was still at the funeral home. This caused serious step back for us.

On this faithful day, I saw the late Rev. Herbert Zigbuo, who was a Methodist Missionary, walking down the street of the community we were living. He’d been searching for me. That day marked the beginning of missionary service in my life after he told me that he and his wife Sis. Mary Zigbuo, who is also a Methodist Missionary, decided to sponsor me in University.

In 2010, we attended the retirement program of the late Rev. Herbert Zigbuo at the Trogon United Methodist Church in Monrovia, Liberia. Almost all lives of the speakers at that program were either directly or indirectly impacted by Rev. Zigbuo. So I said to myself, if each person uses his or her God-given gifts and impact the life of others, the world will be a better place for all. That moment gave me the passion of mission service which I feel is the best way to give back to the society as I received from those Missionaries couple. I also feel that mission service is one best way to fulfill Matthews 5: 14-16, which says,

“ Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” ( KJV).

I am now a Global Mission Fellow engaged in two years mission service in Cape Town, South Africa. Global Mission Fellows program is a two-year interdenominational mission service program sponsor by Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. This program gives young adults between ages 20 to 30 years the opportunity to experience two years of service and community living. We engage in justice work and become ambassadors for mission both internationally and domestically.

I am currently serving as a Community Development Officer at Bold Empowerment in Cape Town, South Africa. Bold Empowerment is a Christian faith-based organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. Its volunteers are passionate about social-economic development and poverty alleviation primarily for youth, women and the unemployed.

Bold Empowerment Mission:

To promote empowerment and transformation for marginalized South African citizens in alignment with the South African government’s proposal. Bold Empowerment was founded for the advancement for South African national goals for social welfare and an improved standard of living for its citizens specifically youth, women, and the unemployed.

Bold Empowerment was established to:

  • Facilitate the process of improving the level of education of youth, women and the unemployed
  • Promote functional and life skills development thus assisting in creating an improve standard of living.
  • Contributing toward making a positive impact on the availability of entrepreneurial and employment opportunities.

As one way to fulfill Matthews 5:14-16 in your life, I am kindly asking you to support me in my ministry through prayers, moral support, or financial support.  You can reach me on or . Answer the voice of God that’s speaking to you and receive the holy spirit. Help one today, and impact many lives tomorrow.     

Emmanuel Emmanuel Sann Jr.edit.jpgSann, Jr.

Cape Town Bold Empowerment Partnership, South Africa

GMF-International, Class of 2015-2017

Advance #3022099



  1. This is the story of his journey.TO every successful Christian there is a story of conviction about how Christ prepares you for his service.The time of preparation set by God I know is mandatory but if you face the storm and overcome, you are prepared for the great but simple tax God require of us all. I’m always in prayer with you I know it seems like a Dream but that the plans and purpose of God concerning your life.God bless you Mr. Sann ( pls explain in detail how you couldn’t write at all after many years in school.


  2. Thank you Romeo! I would love to explain in detail why I could not write after many years in School, but it is another complete story which I may write about in the near future.


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