Still Smiling

The Center of My Life

“Christ is the center of my life.” I make this declaration clear to everyone I know and meet. That was not always the case. I attended church as a child but only because my parents insisted. At age 14 , I encountered “dynamic Christianity” and became involved in the Student Christian Organization of Malawi. My life changed as I turned it over to Christ and became a passionate Christian. God really transformed my life through the transformation of my mind.

Packing relief goods to have an impact in the lives of evacuees in Tandag City 

My Experience in the Philippines

My life is full of joy and excitement to serve in Philippines and I can confidently say that the Philippines is my home away from home.  I am staying in Davao city in the eastern part of Mindanao Island. People in Davao, especially at my organization, Inpeace Mindanao, are very nice, welcoming and supportive of my ministry. It is indeed working with the community and not for the community. I have made so many connections  at church, at my organization, at Maryknoll Institute of Language and Culture( Cebuano Language School), at the market and even in other cities such as Tandag.

I have engaged the community in my ministry through the following ways: involving their ideas in my ministry, discovering ways in which God is already at work in all communities, being interested in learning their language and eat what they prepare, smiling to them and all the time being an instrumental in all the projects relating to disaster response, peace and human rights. Christ is the center of my life. For me to grow in social and personal holiness, I attend the church service at a nearby Methodist church in Claveria (about 3km from home), pray, read  and meditate in the word of GOD and attend some spiritual formation groups. Prayers from all my prayer partners are the source of my strength. God bless you all my prayers partners.

Message of Hope

It is my great passion to work with the community to create the community of Hope, Faith and Love. I want us to know that only a smile can change somebody’s life.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

When we look at the world around us, with its many serious problems, including poverty, injustice, war, overpopulation, and environmental degradation, it’s all too easy to become either angry and frustrated on the one hand or passive and despondent on the other. But not only are these responses ineffective at bringing about change, they are also part of the problem to begin with. Despite challenges faced by the people in Tandag City, they are still smiling. We can do something to bring hope in the life of someone.


Christopher Hamera

InPeace, Philippines

GMF International, Class 2015

Advance #3022123


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