Over the last year I have learned a lot about myself. From the beginning, building relationships was the key to surviving. This year as a Global Mission Fellow I have built relationships that are out of my comfort zone. Starting with my intentional community, there were three Global Mission Fellow missionaries living and serving in Mobile, AL. Now it’s just two of us with a female college student. What I love about my intentional community is that I can come home and feel peace, love, and freedom. There’s nothing like coming home and watching Netflix with the roommates, making conversation, or cooking dinner together. It’s just a great feeling. Each one of us is different but we all love God.

In August, I had ACL surgery and my intentional community took care of me. I thank God each day for my household. Because of the relationships I have built here, people in the community and churches were willing to take me to the doctor and cook for me. I would like to point out that the people that were willing to help me, did not look like me and did not talk like me but they were willing to help me. I am happy that I have built these relationship because today I am a better me.

Seeing the world through a new pair of lenses has given me a new perspective on my gifts and talents. Coming to Mobile, I thought I would be doing one mission at one church with a group of people, but that is not what happened. Instead, I serve at several churches and community organizations and have had to rely on my gifts!

The beautiful thing about working with several churches is that I get to see the various ways that people love each other and the different ways people help each other. It’s amazing! 

Marcharkelti McKenzieMcKenzie_Marcharkelti

Open Doors, Mobile, AL

US-2, Class 2014



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