Love One Another Fully

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As I woke up this morning and sat up in my bed, I asked myself; why do we struggle to love one another?  Why do we ignore other’s needs to satisfy our own at all costs?
We steal, we kill, we ignore, we act violently, we insult, we punish the innocent, we persecute the poor, we oppress the oppressed, all for what? Just to satisfy our human desire to forget what goodness and mercy are.

God surrounds us with people to love and things to use, but nowadays we do the opposite by loving the things we have and using the people who surround us. Are we acting justly, or is this what God wants us to do? Maybe this is an easy question to answer but difficult to put into practice.

Perfection is what we all aim at, but it takes just one little struggle to achieve true love towards others. We fight for justice yet we do not act upon it justly within our surroundings, we only love those who love us dearly and forget about others whom we merely use as resources.

I urge us all to justly treat all human beings fairly as we would love to be treated by others too. God is true love. As Christians, may we all show true love unto one another and surely our Father who is in heaven will be pleased.

Otshi Rose OmbakuOmbaku_Rose

The Hope Project, Mozambique

GMF-International, Class 2014



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