Settling In

A year has passed since most of us have been at our placement sites. This year has been filled with excitement, drive, and eagerness but in different ways that I expected. When I first arrived in Argentina, one of my coworkers said, “it will take about a year for you to feel like you know what you’re going to be doing and to find your place.” At that time I thought, a year, no, maybe three months or at most, six. But he was right.

A year into my service I realize that every month has taught me something new. I’ve learned that being a Global Mission Fellow isn’t all about going out and doing things, but being able to wait patiently on God for that moment when everything (as minuscule as you might think it is) will make sense.

As Global Mission Fellows we aim to Engage with local communities, Connect the church in mission, and Grow in personal and social holiness. I have had to remind myself of these values more than a few times and realize that I’m not on a short term mission trip, but that the next couple of years were going to let me experience more things that I would not be exposed if I wasn’t where I am. And this year has been just that. I’ve had the opportunity to work with various campaigns in Latin America including children’s rights, raising a child with tenderness, environmental justice, and small project funds given to grassroots organizations. I’ve also been able to attend a women’s rights retreat in the South American Chaco, a leadership development conference for young adults within Colombia, Dominican Republic, and Central America.

A year after, I agree with what I was told, “it will take about a year for you to feel like you know what you’re going to be doing and to find your place.”  The excitement, drive, and eagerness are still present. God has given me the opportunity to serve doing something bigger than what I had in mind. And even more, the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained is just half of what it’s still coming.  

Paola Ferro10560573_689924984409101_1773732067518427685_o
CREAS, Argentina
Global Mission Fellow, Class 2014
Advance #3021969


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