The Standard and Rule of Faith

The Bible is the standard and rule of faith. The Holy Scriptures contain all things necessary to salvation, so that whatsoever is not read therein nor may be proved thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed as an article of the Faith.

The great and valuable achievement of the application of the scientific method to the study of the Scriptures has demonstrated the large human element in the Bible. Not only is it now quite impossible for us to think of God as virtually dictating the Old Testament, inspiring and guaranteeing every sentence, but we have also recognise that even the Gospels have a literary history, that they are not wholly free from error, distortion and confusion. It is easy to exaggerate this “human” element, but beyond question an uncertainty has been introduced into our attitude to the Gospels; we can no longer quote texts in quite the old, confident way.

Nonetheless the Bible has an authority, uniqueness, a finality which makes it still the standard and rule of the faith for the Christian Church. The Bible is “God’s Holy Word.” We should indeed, hesitate absolutely to identify the Bible with the Word of God, partly because it is more proper to say that Jesus Christ is the Word of God, because, as has been indicated, there is much in the Bible that is of human origin than the direct Word of God. The Bible, then, contains the Word of God and is called itself the Word of God because there and there alone are set forth once and for all the mighty acts of God in Creation, Restoration and Redemption, the great facts, the divine history upon which the Christian Church is founded, and which all creeds and theologies must set forth.

Gerald ChandakabataChandakabata_Gerald

Health Missionary – Malawi, Africa

GMF International, 2014 Class

Advance #3021968


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