Not a Barren Life

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your existence is? Well, in the past weeks I have really thought about this question, because sometimes we forget who we are and what we were created for; we live our routine lives.

It has been one year since the 2014 class was commissioned as Global Mission Fellows and every day I am reminded that this commitment was NOT a mistake! God has given us a mission, a ministry to influence ourselves and those around us by our simple way of living as well as our simple way of handling our tasks. God has placed a seed in us and he is expecting results, this is why we are where we are right now!

“We are called to bear fruits as followers of Christ” (from the book “why am I like this” by Nigerian women’s program Rubies).

After reading these words  some questions came to my mind: How am I bearing fruits in my daily life? How am I different from other people, such as Christians who go to church every Sunday as I do, my colleagues who do the same job that I do, people who have feelings like I do? Is there any difference? We often live life as a routine, not paying particular attention to the small things that make a difference in our daily work and that define who we are today.

How can my everyday life and work be different from other people? Sometimes we expect big results to see that we are really producing fruits! But I have realised that we touch people in very particular ways, ways we do not notice ourselves, ways that make us different from others. Every small thing matters, small acts like smiling at the receptionist, at the cleaner, when making photocopies, on the bus; being attentive to the need, struggle, and suffering of our colleagues or neighbours; saying hi to people we meet on the street, people who go unnoticed by others; saying thank you or God bless you; doing our work with compassion. These simple things make a difference in someone’s life. Each day Christ gives us new opportunities to serve him and to touch others, but if we do not pay attention to small things, then we miss the whole point.

Rebekah and Isaac did not care about their barren situation, ignoring that the destiny of two great nations were hanging on their necks. They felt no different from other people and continued to enjoy their lives. Living the life of a Global Mission Fellow is not a barren life. The destiny of mankind might be hanging on our lives. Let us pray that God may open our eyes so that we can experience his fertilizing power each and every day in order to look at life as an opportunity to serve every day and not as a routine.

“Each situation draws us closer to God” -James 4:8

Olga Tshiwewe Kangaj Kangaj_Olga
World Council of Churches, Geneva/ Switzerland
Global Mission Fellows International, Class 2014
Advance #3021978

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