Believe in Your Dream and Always Work Hard to Realize it

When your dream or goal causes a certain fear in you and when you start asking yourself questions about whether it is going to work or not, trust me that this should not be the time for you to give up on it. There are successful people around the world who have found themselves in the same situation as you but they did not give up on their dream but believed in it.

Please don’t give up even if you do not have the resources to achieve it yet. Just get up and courageously start working on it each and every day then you will realize one day that it was really worth believing in!

Don’t spend your time on silly stuff and don’t minimize God’s effort to help you get through; just be objective and persevering, he will always make a way. Do not be afraid of failure as it is an avenue or an opportunity for you to make perfect whatever you are undertaking to realize your dream.

Encourage and motivate yourself first and positively before relying on others. Continue your fight and one day you will have the biggest celebration for such a great achievement.

Everything we see in this world such as planes, televisions, peaceful communities, etc… were dreams of those who have made effort and sacrificed their lives to realize them. What about you? Will you let your dream die because you are afraid of taking a step toward realizing it?

Don’t be afraid to work on your dream. Set your goals always high and don’t worry about the time it might take for it to be realized. Never say that this kind of dream is only achievable by a certain kind of people, but not by me. Please stop it!!! God created you for the better and gave you gifts that have no limitations. You should be able to discover them and realize how capable you are to work through your dream and realize it.

Success is a short word but requires so many things to consider. Just believe in God and in your dream. Encourage yourself; don’t be afraid to set your goals high, and to work hard in order to achieve them. Failure should not be an issue but an opportunity to perfectly realize your dream. Only perseverance, courage and critical thinking will help you see things in this angle in order to avoid any discouragement due to failure.

So, “go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have always imagined” as once said Thoreau.

Glory MulimbaMulimba_Glory

In Peace,  Philippines

Global Mission Fellows International, Class 2014

Advance #3021977


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