Facing Giant Problems Out of Our Comfort Zone

David’s story is mostly characterized by his victory over the giant warrior Goliath. This man created terror among the Israelites soldiers led by King Saul for so many years. He was really a struggle for them. Goliath here can be described as giant problems or impossible situations that we face in this world and of which we are called, as young adults, to overcome. These problems may include: conflicts, violence, discrimination, tribalism, racism, sexism, classism, etc… but it is very unfortunate to see most of us today finding it difficult to stand against them due to fear. We fear being out of our comfort zone in order to strike what hinders our lives and the lives of others. We fear being considered as being against others for a good cause.

Through this scripture we as young adults can learn so many things which can help us overcome giant problems in this world as David, a young boy, defeated Goliath.

Firstly, we clearly understand that our fear can only be wiped out of our spirit and mind when we view giant problems affecting us and this world in God’s perspective. David’s faith in God caused him to look at Goliath from a different perspective. He did not consider his fight against Goliath as a challenge because he didn’t leave God out of his plans for fighting the warrior. This we realize that God will always fight for us and together with us. David knew that it was crucial to defeat Goliath and he did associate God in his strike. He believed that Goliath was not as powerful as the Lord who saved him from lions and bears (1 Samuel 17:37).

Secondly, God always prepares his servants to act at the right time. It happens sometimes that other people misunderstand our desire to serve the Lord. Some place doubt in the fact that we are still young and not able or ready to take a step forward in dealing with impossible situations that have affected our communities for years. But we should always know that we can’t discern God’s will by following the crowd. We can’t be able to face the world’s most problems if we can’t make a decision to discern God’s will and call for us to serve and proclaim his glory in this world. Once he calls us to stand against something, we should not fear anything or have any doubt because we are more than prepared in the Lord.  Only through meditation and prayer we will be able to see how prepared we are.

Finally, as young adults we should know our weapons of mass destruction–our gifts and capabilities to face and fight effectively the world’s giant problems affecting us. God always work through us in ways that are related to our background and gifts. When reading through this scripture, David didn’t choose to wear the armor given to him by King Saul to fight Goliath, but rather he was comfortable with his simple sling, a weapon he knew how to maneuver and was skilled at using (1 Samuel 17:38-40). We should all know that God will use the unique skills he has placed in us in order to overcome impossible situations. We should know ourselves and use what God has placed in us, what we are skilled at using or dealing with, because only then will he work miracles through us in order to face social injustices that harm the world today.

Are you facing a giant problem in your life or do you see any in the lives of others and which has been reported to be an impossible situation? Do you trust that God will fight for you and with you? Do you believe in your capabilities to contribute to the world’s positive development? If so, implore always God’s name and be able to see every problems in God’s perspective so that you can effectively face them and save lives in your community and in the world.

Glory MulimbaMulimba_Glory
Initiatives for Peace, Mindanao, Philippines
Global Mission Fellow, Class 2014
Advance #3021977


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