Hidden Rules

I have ran into a brick wall and now I am trying to climb over it. -Marcharkelti Mckenzie

Hidden Rules are rules people understand and use in their cultural context. When someone is not in their home culture, they are an outsider. As a Global Mission Fellow in Mobile that’s just how I feel. Even though I have met some great people, I still feel awkward when it comes to conversations and communication.

I know there are hidden rules amongst my friends and family. I tend to miss those relationships when I don’t have that bond here.

Putting my feelings to the side, I am connecting the church in mission by hosting different community events in different places in Mobile. I am growing in personal and social holiness by meditating, praying and listening. And I am engaging with the community by building relationships with community people and church members. I play softball with a community team.

Even with the hidden rules as a barrier I am still able to work in ministry. There are people in the world that can’t overcome hidden rules or don’t know how to deal with the norms in culture. My question to you is, How are you dealing with hidden rules around you?

Marcharkelti McKenzie10363603_10203229827732009_2209642214536944888_n
Open Doors, Mobile, AL
US-2, Class 2014
Advance #3022000

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