Surprises of the Holy Spirit

I would like to share with you a piece of writing I was able to submit for the latest edition of New World Outlook, a magazine published by Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. The focus of this edition is on the World Council of Churches statement on mission and evangelism, “Together Towards Life.”

You can find my reflection on page 17, in response to the follow statements:

To experience life in the Spirit is to taste life in its fullness. We are

called to witness to a movement toward life, celebrating all that the

Spirit continues to call into being, walking in solidarity in order to

cross the rivers of despair and anxiety (Ps. 23, Is. 43:1-5). Mission

provokes in us a renewed awareness that the Holy Spirit meets us

and challenges us at all levels of life and brings newness and change

to the places and times of our personal and collective journeys.


The Holy Spirit is present with us as companion, yet is never domesticated

or “tame.” Among the surprises of the Spirit are the ways in

which God works from locations which appear to be on the margins

and through people who appear to be excluded.

I encourage you to read the the entire “Together Towards Life” document, which can be downloaded on the cover page, as well as read the other articles from perspectives around the world!  The entire magazine can be accessed by clicking on any of the links within this blog!

May this be a tool for you to do your own reflection on mission in the world and how you fit into that picture!

Maria NiechwiadowczNiechwiadowicz_Maria1
Amity Foundation, China
Global Mission Fellow, Class 2014
Advance #3021976