The Power of Standing Together

Journey: act of traveling from one place to another.

Life is a journey, traveling from one day to another, from one place to another, from one status to another, from one attitude to another… We are the ones who choose how enjoyable we want this journey to be, what inspiration we would like the people we meet to get from us. Yet in this world there are people for whom their choice has been taken away by force. What do we do when we see someone on our way who can no longer pursue his/her journey in good conditions? Do we pass by on the other side as the priest and the Levite, or do we choose the approach of the Good Samaritan? We are all on the same journey, motives can be different but the purpose is the same.

What should one do to carry on his/her journey? Like birds we should flock together, for alone we cannot make it. We stand together as a team, we will assist one another; we will hold each other’s hand. We often lose hope when we fall and the road becomes darker! But having a companion by our side, someone we can rely on makes us stronger, and gives us the courage to stand up and continue our journey. We encourage each other, we share the joy of obtaining justice, our laughs are driven by love and care, we move towards peace and development because we need one another. When one member of the body suffers, the whole body is affected.

Today, so many are left behind, living in chaos and betrayal, living in hardship due to unjust and unfair systems–due to people who do not respect their right to live as free human beings. So many women and girls are violated, living in total despair, and they no longer have the strength to stand. Why should we keep on moving when our travel companions are down, is this a race or a journey? It is time to stop at whatever point we are today; let us look back, searching for those who are left behind. It is time to give a hand of hope to those women and girls who live in fear. It is time to let them know that they are not alone on this journey; they have companions who care about them, companions who care about their right to a fair and just journey on this earth.

Where is the love Jesus asked us to share with our neighbours? How can we say we love God when we remain silence to the suffering of victims of violence and rape? When all we care about is our own safety? It is time to bring justice, to stand in solidarity with those who are down, for we are stronger when we all stand together. It is time to break the barriers of hatred, racism, classism, sexism, and be reminded of the purpose of our journey.

Yes, together we can.

Olga KanjahKangaj_Olga
World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland
Global Mission Fellow, Class 2014
Advance #3021978


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