The Wills and the Won’ts

I’m happy! Don’t cue the Pharrell Happy -_- , because then I won’t be jk but it’s been played a bit much. This happiness is not because every single day has been great, but because I’m striving towards my potential, my purpose, I’m striving towards a greater me.

Do you know that moment when you discover who you are meant to be, your purpose! Your why am I here?! (If not yet give yourself some time) But when you discover you it releases an overwhelming feeling that refuses to be ignored. Don’t get me wrong I knew who I was, but in my time of service I have began to grasp a glimpse of who I Will Be, and that feeling is powerful beyond measure.

Now there is two type of people in this world, those who will and those who won’t.

The “Won’t” will be frightened by the thought of becoming ones greatest self, because they know it is a difficult path, and will require more work. So because of fear they will try to ignore the calling or mission God has assigned to them and attempt to convince themselves they are perfectly content being the basic version of themselves vs their greatest self. But the spirit of the greatest us will continue to call and nudge night after night reminding them of what God called His followers to be.

The “Will” are the people that will not only take the challenge but beast the challenge.  They rise above the difficulties, look fear in the face, and tell that fear that God made me for greatness, reminding themselves that they are “…fearfully and wonderfully made…” (psalm 139:14). They accept every obstacle that graces their presence because even in adversity there will be peace in their heart knowing they are in route for greatness. The calling will be so deeply rooted within them that nothing in this world can stop their pursuit of happiness in striving towards their full potential.

So which type of person are you?
Are you willing to strive towards the greatness you’ve been called for? Don’t sleep on your potential greatness!

Kathleen Pryor10830952_796355407087159_4449322753990269212_o
Moore Community House, Biloxi, Mississippi
US-2 Class 2013
Advance #3021861


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