I wrote this poem during the third day of training in the Philippines. We were supposed to share a drawing with our Covenant Group to help us get to know one another. Due to my complete lack of artistic ability, I decided to share this poem instead. Little did my group know that we would finish every Covenant Group session late because of too many giggles, smiles, and prayer tangents. I miss those guys. Sadly, I can no longer taste fresh mangoes in my memories (as much as I may try!). It’s interesting to see how my placement site and my experience as a Global Mission Fellow have measured up to the image I had in my head when I wrote this poem nine months ago. In some ways, an over-idealized conception of what these years would look like has brought challenges. In other ways, however, I have been pleasantly surprised. I’ve made friends and built relationships. I’ve adapted. I’ve grown. I’ve learned more about myself and about community.

My roommate Tiffania preached in Chapel this week about how Mary Magdalene went to the tomb not expecting a miracle, but rather simply to do the kind yet simple work of preparing the body of a friend. And yet, Christ met her in the mundane. Christ still meets us in these simple, ordinary moments today. When the flashes and excitement are stripped away, God’s still there. For me, I reread this poem to recall the vigor and inspiration of being surrounded by forty justice-seeking Christ followers. Nine months later, I know my adventure has not yet been “adventured.” I reread this poem as a reminder of the words from Matthew 25 and how I hope that these words will always be woven into the language of my life. May I live each and every day emboldened.


Just a closer walk is all I

ask of

you. But what does that mean?

did I not love you before?

it’s a yearning

to stay on the

one true path

of you.

the path is rocky, rugged, and covered with thorns, but at

least the light

of the moon illumines

my steps. The path travels out, away from my

family, away from my homeland;

your yoke is not always easy, so what

did you mean when you said

it was so many centuries ago. But

too long have I strayed from your path for

me: here I am lord, I will go if you lead me.

Connor KenastonKenaston_Connor
Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO
US 2 Class 2014
Advance # 3021973


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