“Time is money” meaning “the time is a valuable resource, therefore it is better to do things as quickly as possible”. And there are times when you feel lost and worthless–when everything you do and touch seems not to make sense at all. And as we look back, we see all the lost moments and opportunities we had to make something happen.  Times where you did not do what you were supposed to, or when you did, it seemed to have little or no effect. What comes next is always a series of questions in your mind, “Why didn’t I do that, or what went wrong”, this happens to a great number of people. To us, GMFs, there times during the course of our service we ask “why does it take time for me to speak a language, or am I at the right place”? In all this you forget to ask why you ask those questions at all.

These questions will put you in a mood that can lead you to a point of doubting yourself so as to stop you from doing something great in the future, and perhaps that’s because you want to rush things or maybe you are not patient enough to wait. The transformation might not happen right away, but when we keep moving without doubting ourselves, and do what we know is best; we allow God to accomplish His mission through us in the midst of our patience.  God called us in his mission then sent us around the world to fulfill his mission with what we can offer. So let God lead your actions because where ever you are He is there with you.

Danny Umba
Mindanao Peace Building Institute, Philippines
Global Mission Fellow, Class 2013
Advance # 3021839


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