Feel Free

We have a ton of feel good sayings out there. Phrases that you kind find on any hallmark card in the stores.
“Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars!”
“Never say something is impossible!”
“You are the future!”
The sappiness is stickier than a melted candy bar in your pocket…
The kicker? It’s actually great advice. They’re right! Not only that, we could use a little more in our lives.
It’s tough out there. It really is. However, why not try something new? Why not shoot for the moon? This may seem like a really cliche post, but I think it needs to be said. What if you planted that vegetable garden you always said you would? What if you picked up the toolkit and built something you need? What if you wrote that book?
My point is this… Feel free. Don’t hold back because you think you might fail. Go for it. God has blessed you with a multitude of talents. Don’t bury them. Show them off. Glorify God with what you can do.
You never know what you might start.

Jay KnudsenJay Knudsen
Initiatives for Peace in Mindanao, Philippines
Mission Intern, Class 2013
Advance # 3021842


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