Is it Worth it?

When I was taking my course on Project Appraisal and Evaluation, I learned that before you invest into something, you have to ask yourself if it is worth it. This simply means you should look at the viability and profitability of the project. As a missionary, sometimes, I ask myself if what I’m doing is worth it. In other words, is my mission successful?

I believe preachers stand on the pulpit with a burden. In this manner, they transmit the good news for the purpose of transforming those who are listening. They expect to see actions that will bring about change after offloading their burden. However, transformation is not spontaneous. It is gradual and sometimes we can see it and feel it when it’s happening. One of my friends asked me if my mission was successful in Brazil. I am not sure what he was expecting me to accomplish.

How we measure success, depends on the goals and the objectives that we set individually. If you achieve them, you may say it was successful, but if not, it’s the opposite. There are also different factors that can facilitate the success or contribute to the failure of a mission. Both sending agencies and receiving organizations set goals for missionaries and expect them to contribute in some ways. People do not want excuses. Their age does not matter. As soon as you get commissioned, everybody knows that you are no longer the same person. They expect some commitment and sacrifice from you. They care about you and your family, but they want you to care more about them. Your problems come second. The priority should be given to them as soon as you settle down. In fact, that’s what you are there for. The color of your skin does not matter. How you behave yourself will determine whether people will be attracted to you or not. Some want you to help them with money, and others with their spiritual life, and still others with their ministry.

With the best of your ability, do your work. Work on your gifts and talents in order to improve your skills. Learn to do a new thing so you can fill the need in a particular community you are serving. Help those you can, and remember its God’s mission. People can blame you for failing. But darkness shall not prevail forever. The best is yet to come. In fact, success in ministry is usually measured when you are gone.  So, whatever ministry you are involved in, or if you’re getting ready to embark on a mission journey, you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worth it. You definitely know the answer.

untitledLet me tell you a short testimony before giving my answer. When I was serving in Brazil with the Shade and Fresh Water project, I wanted to contribute as much as I could and as quickly as possible. Because I knew time was not on my side. I was teaching English and Music to a group of kids. I was also helping in many church activities intended for teenagers. I played a role in the praise and worship team. But, as time passed on, I started to feel frustrated because everything I planned was not working out. Toward the end of my service, I realized that God works in ways I could not see. In fact, the church I was involved in ministry with, dedicated a service to me on my last Sunday. One day before I left, the teenagers from the church called me, and we spent that day together recalling some funny moments with them. It was in those particular days that I realized whatever I had tried to do, was valued by the community. Therefore, my answer to the above question is just one word; YES.

God bless us all.


Jacquez Kazemb1604510_10152125025898229_2099331535_n
Churches of Christ in Congo, DRC
MI, Class 2012
Advance #3021495


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