Greetings to our new YAMS!!!

So tonight, like right at this very moment, we are commissioning a whole new class of young adult missionaries! I wrote this post last year to the new class, and reading it over I’ve decided that these are more true to me today than they were then.

Welcome class of 2014, you’re going to rock!

Exclusively Erica


Tomorrow a new group of Generation Transformation (Young Adult Missionaries) will be commissioned and sent forth by GBGM to go out and engage in God’s mission all over the world.  

To our new YAMS,

Welcome to the brotherhood.  Welcome to the best, hardest, most amazing, and transformative journey you could have chosen for yourselves.  I’ve not met any of you, but I know that for you to be attending commissioning tomorrow means that you are made of the good stuff.  I remember during training more than one of us considered quitting.  At the beginning of training, we thought we couldn’t endure these endless lectures and meetings for the next three weeks, and then when we got to commissioning it felt like it had all gone by so quickly.

Tomorrow you will see videos from the current YAMS welcoming you to the fold.  Inviting you to participate with us in…

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