Weed or Wildflower

Expect to Thrive

If you found the above plant in your garden, would you pull it or would you leave it be?

“What makes a weed a weed and a wildflower a wildflower?” A gardening resident posed this question to me a month ago. We were checking out the garden plots at Winstel and she noticed a lot of little yellow flowers had sprung up in and around our garden. Weed? Wildflower? I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. I am discovering that weeds and wildflowers overlap quite a bit. After all, a weed is just a wildflower in the “wrong” place.

Weeds can be pesky for gardeners. (Even in Tucson, AZ where anything is lucky to grow in the summer.)  They are opportunistic, resilient, and fast-growing. A gardener may spend a lot of time pulling weeds that are crowding out their vegetables and flowers. They become unwanted because they…

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