Partner Like No Other

A loving tribute to one of our amazing YAMs on her 25th birthday! We love you Anna!!!


Two heads are better than one as the saying goes. Sometimes I agree it’s true but I also see that sometimes it’s better to be alone. Since we were kids, partnership is embedded in teaching and training on how we socialize with others. And even it is not being taught, it is the innate of people that magnets partnership. That’s why there are terms “bestfriend”, “boyfriend/girlfriend”, “spouse”, “partner”, and the like. The Lord knows the dynamic of partnership that’s why when Jesus sent the seventy two, He sent them by pairs… And when He called me to mission, He has given me a partner to serve in Grenada. A lot of thoughts came to me when I learn that I’ll be working with someone who is somehow the end pole of me. Since it’s her 25th birthday today, let me share her story and our story together. A tribute to a…

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