What Are You Doing Here?

Use the Faith You've Found

What are you doing here?

It’s an innocent enough question. There was no hint of malice. Nothing to suggest that we weren’t welcome. In a way, the question really just states the obvious:

You’re not from around here.

One day last week, I had boarded the bus with Hillary and Elizabeth, the two other young adult missionaries serving at Branches with me. The North Miami (NOMI) shuttle bus makes its rounds in various North Miami neighborhoods, and is our means of transportation to and from work. It is powered by biodiesel, which I love, and it’s free, which I love even more.

As usual, we were the only white faces on the bus. We were also among the few not speaking Kreyòl. Miami is known as a hub for immigrants from Latin America, but there are also a large number of Haitian immigrants who came after the devastating earthquake…

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