Let’s Talk about Sex!

When I was in Ukraine, I attended a youth camp where at one point they split the girls, boys, and couples up into different small groups.  Now, the leader of my group (the girls) was speaking in Russian, so I was only catching pieces of what she was saying, but she started out saying, ‘you are all princesses’.  Immediately, I knew where this was going…  She went on to talk about sex, virginity, and our duties as people of faith in our relationships.

I’ve been present for many such talks over my years in the church, and I wonder how other people’s experiences with these kinds of talks in the church align with or differ from my own.

A group of us young adult missionaries and I have come together and talked about our experiences in the church, and we are considering creating some materials for sex education.  Along those lines, we’ve created a lovely survey, and we beg you to take some time and fill it out.

We want to hear your stories.  We want each of you to feel like you have a safe place to talk about your experiences in the church as you were being educated about sex.  Did you have good experiences or bad?  Do you feel like it was adequate or inadequate?  Were there things missing, could things be added, or do you feel like you got a holistic sex education?

Click here to take the survey.


Erica Oliveira100_3683
SE District FL Conference, Miami, FL
MI Class 2012
Advance # 3021491



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